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Thread: Broken Jack port. How to switch jack port.

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    Broken Jack port. How to switch jack port.

    I have broken jack port in my sound-card (green one - that for headphones), but rest ports are working properly (line-in and microphone).

    To solve this problem on Windows I installed realtek drivers. And there was option to switch audio outputs.

    Recently, I have installed Ubuntu , but I have problem with sound.
    I changed audio mode to 4.0 and i have sound in rear-left and rear-right channels.
    Unfortunately when i want to watch movie which use all 4 channels i can't hear dialogs because they are in front channels.

    Please, help me.
    I want to set analog stereo mode in audio preferences and want to re-task my jack ports (Use line-in as line-out)
    I think, I have to configure Alsa or PulseAudio, but I don't know how.
    Sorry for my English. I hope you understand.
    PS 2.
    I used hda-jack-retask. Doesn't work. It showing "No codecs found"
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