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Thread: Using GDM on Kubuntu: No connectivity

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    Using GDM on Kubuntu: No connectivity

    Hello All,

    I installed GDM (version 2.3) on top of Kubuntu 10.10.

    I really like the feel of Gnome over KDE and, more importantly, appreciate the much economised resources use (which I kind of need ...that's another story though).

    Anyway, I have noticed that there are serious connectivity issues with GDM, when I try to log in using that at the login screen. For example, iwlist when I use Gnome does not produce any results (and yes, I can see the wireless networks when I use KDE). I believe this might be because I tied the wireless interface to a password in a keyring when I set up Kubuntu, a while back. I am not sure how to ensure that the same password is unlocked when I run GDM.

    Another, probably related question: Sometimes, Gnome just does not launch in normal mode, although it does if I use safe mode.

    I would appreciate any thoughts/ideas, especially if you have experience of using Gnome on Kubuntu.


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    Re: Using GDM on Kubuntu: No connectivity

    So it seems the problem is with the graphics card drivers I have installed (in this instance, Radeon 3100), which apparently doesn't work too well with GDM (never had these problems with the KDE).

    I actually managed to find the answer somewhere on this forum, but no bizarrely can't find it again, oh well ...

    Also: didn't realise there was no networking in the safe mode of Ubuntu.

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