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Thread: dvdnav4.2

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    There is a problem with the latest version of libdvdnav4. Any dvd you copy with k9copy
    or dvd95 with a menu will not play on the computer or a home dvd player. They just choke when trying to read the menu.
    libdvdnav is a DVD navigation library, which provides an interface to the
    advanced features of DVDs, like menus and navigation. It contains the VM and
    other parts useful for writing DVD players. It's based on Ogle, but was
    modified to be used by xine and mplayer.
    They used to play perfectly before 4.2.0+201...
    Is there a way to change that file with an earlier version? I've tried several different distros with this version of dvdnav and
    without fail, every dvd burned is unplayable. Every one of them burned with a previous version works fine. I would have thought
    some devs would have figured this out by now.

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    Re: dvdnav4.2

    If you untick "Keep original menus" in k9copy, the dvd will be playable. But that doesn't change the fact that dvdnav4.2 is broken and will not allow
    writing dvd menus. It should be reverted back to a stable version.

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    Re: dvdnav4.2

    If you believe there is an issue then file a bug report

    You can may be able to downgrade if desired though I've no idea what release of ubuntu you have, nor exactly what version of dvdnav (4.2.0+201... is not that informative as there were several 2012 releases
    (- downgrading would depend on whether the version you wish is ok with some packages that depend on libdvdnav, usually having with a min. version acceptable
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