Does anyone have experience with the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Printer?

Here is the printer on HP's web site:

I did find that there is HPLIP Linux support for this printer, but wanted to hear some feedback and personal experiences about this device from forum members.

The documentation listing capabilities supported by Linux is here:

One specific question I have is, can you access the printer's Media/SD Card reader over your network?

In the Notes section, the above documentation states "USB mass storage only. You may mount the photocard as a storage drive over USB only. Refer to your distribution's documentation for setup and usage instructions."

I have an older HP 2510 PhotoSmart All-In-One, and I am able to access its multi-readers through my network in Nautilus by using "smb://<PRINTER_IP_ADDRESS>". I find it hard to believe that HP would abandon this nice feature (is it Samba support??). If you are using this printer, would you please confirm if you can access the 8600's SD Card reader from Ubuntu?

Also, please share your other experiences? (reliability, ink cartridge usage, scan speed, print speed, etc.).