I just installed Oneric on my PC and I've found that I can't get recording from the microphone to work. My main goal is getting Google Phone to work but I've found that I can't record in Audacity either.

I'm using a soundblaster of some kind (live I think) that's handled by the emu10k1 driver. If it would help to know the exact model I can open my chassis and look. The PCI device ID is 0002.

In the sound settings (via the Unity sound icon) the default input device is "Analog Input". If I drop it down to "Analog Microphone / Microphone 1" or "Analog Microphone / Microphone 2" (I don't know which it would be), the setting doesn't seem to stick. If I close and reopen the sound settings or even change the input volume slider it changes right back to "Analog Input".

At first I couldn't even hear the microphone. After going into Alsamixer and unmuting the mic I can now hear it but nothing gets recording into Audacity and nothing comes through on the Google phone.