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Thread: Installing QEMU, KQEMU, and DHCP Patch

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    Lightbulb Installing QEMU, KQEMU and Patches

    This is more of a Automatic Installation script, than a HOW-TO.
    As of now, it will only work with Breezy and Dapper.

    This script will compile and install:
    QEMU 0.8.2 or QEMU from CVS Snapshot (Choice Given during Install)
    KQEMU 1.3.0pre9

    Included QEMU Patches (Optional - asked during installation):
    DHCP Patch
    Mouse Wall Bug Patch is no longer needed (=> 0.8.2)

    The credits go to:
    - Nando Florestan (I used some parts of his Script)
    - Saad N. (For inspiration and testing)
    - Dmytro (Breezy Testing, Spell Checking, and NT, 95, 95 Russian Testing)

    For those wanting to install Windows XP under QEMU/KQEMU check out this more detailed tutorial: WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo

    chmod +x ./
    sudo ./
    Afterwards just follow the on-screen instructions.

    NOTICE FOR 64bit USERS: You have to use qemu-system-x86_64 instead of qemu. Otherwise the "-kernel-kqemu" option will not work.

    1.) The first thing you probably want to do is to create a disk image into which you will install the Guest operating system. You can do this by typing the following into the terminal.
    M = MB
    G = GB
    qemu-img create (FILE NAME).img (SIZE OF IMAGE)
    qemu-img create guest.img 1G
    2.) After the image has been created (assuming the step above gave you no errors) we can prepare to launch QEMU. But before we go ahead and do that, we have to make a few decisions. The basic command we will be using now is:
    qemu -localtime -hda (FILE NAME).img
    qemu -localtime -hda guest.img
    3.) Now, with the basic command ready, we will now move on to the paramaters. Now, in order to get our Guest OS installed we have to install it from a CD or a CD image. Add the '-cdrom' parameter to tell QEMU that you want to have a CD-ROM present.
    qemu -localtime -hda (FILE NAME).img -cdrom (PATH TO DEVICE OR CD IMAGE)
    qemu -localtime -hda guest.img -cdrom /home/andrejkw/XPCD.iso
    qemu -localtime -hda guest.img -cdrom /dev/cdrom
    3.) Ok, so now we told QEMU what to use as our CD-ROM drive. The next step is to tell it to boot from our CD-ROM before booting from our Hard-Drive image. To do this we will add a '-boot d' (D: stands for the CD-ROM drive in this case, because it comes right after C: )
    qemu -localtime -hda (FILE NAME).img -cdrom (PATH TO DEVICE OR CD IMAGE) -boot d
    qemu -localtime -hda guest.img -cdrom /dev/cdrom -boot d
    4.) Next thing we have to do, is tell QEMU that we have KEMU installed. It is supposed to detect if KQEMU is installed, but I had a bad experience with this. And it doesn't hurt to be sure that QEMU is using KQEMU. You can do this by adding the '-kernel-kqemu' option.
    qemu -localtime -hda (FILE NAME).img -cdrom (PATH TO DEVICE OR CD IMAGE) -boot d -kernel-kqemu
    qemu -localtime -hda guest.omg -cdrom /dev/cdrom -boot d -kernel-kqemu
    5.) If you were to press enter now, QEMU would start booting. But before you do that, you should consider adding some of these options:

    If you want to give your Guest OS more RAM (QEMU uses 128MB by default) add the '-m SIZE' option.
    M = MB
    G = GB
    qemu -localtime -hda (FILE NAME).img -cdrom (PATH TO DEVICE OR CD IMAGE) -boot d -kernel-kqemu -m RAM SIZE
    qemu -localtime -hda guest.img -cdrom /dev/cdrom -boot d -kernel-kqemu -m 512M
    If you are going to be installing Windows 2000/XP as your Guest OS, consider adding '-win2k-hack' as your option. It fixes some major issues, like the "Not enough disk space." while installing.
    qemu -localtime -hda (FILE NAME).img -cdrom (PATH TO DEVICE OR CD IMAGE) -boot d -kernel-kqemu -m RAM SIZE -win2k-hack
    qemu -localtime -hda guest.img -cdrom /dev/cdrom -boot d -kernel-kqemu -m 512M -win2k-hack

    Check out Qemu Launcher (a nice QEMU Gui for GNOME) at
    Note: In the "Other" tab add "-kernel-kqemu" (no quotes) to the "Additional Arguments" field.

    If you are experiencing the Transparent Window bug (By running XGL...) check out Saad's thread ( for instructions on how to fix it.

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