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Thread: Random Crashes (can move mouse?)

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    Exclamation Random Crashes (can move mouse?)


    Not too long ago (a few weeks ago, maybe) I replaced Windows Developer Preview with Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Ocelot, dual-booting with Windows 7.

    The first thing I did was install GNOME (Unity is too slow on my computer). The ATi fglrx drivers were causing huge issues (all menus were messed up) so I removed them in favour of the open source drivers. Now I have no issues and video plays fine (I had tearing issues before).

    Then I installed a new PSU, for multiple reasons (the first was to replace the generic, crappy no-name PSU that was originally included, the second for stability).

    Ever since, my screen has randomly gone to black, come back, and becomes unresponsive to any mouse movements, clicks, or keyboard presses. Apparently, however, it is actually doing something when I say, click a link, because the most recent time this happened, I was browsing a site, and it froze on me. Then, when the screen came back, I tried to click on a link, and the cursor changed, but nothing else at all changed. Google Chrome's tab loading animation was frozen, and GNOME didn't respond when I clicked on any part of the Panel, so I knew my system was frozen. When I restarted (pressed the Reset button), Chrome complained that it wasn't shut down properly, and, when I hit "Restore", it opened the link that I had clicked on.

    I have no idea what logs or anything to provide, so if anybody needs any more information, just tell me what commands to put in the Terminal and I'll give it to you.

    Please help, I can't do anything important while this is still a problem, as I have absolutely no idea when this will next occur.

    EDIT: Well, I have now officially dealt with this problem. The solution? I now am using Kubuntu; that is, I completely wiped out my Ubuntu installation and am now using (for the most part) pure KDE. This not only fixes this problem, but any other problems I had using Ubuntu (GNOME or Unity).
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