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Thread: Routine Updates Kill Network Connections

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    Routine Updates Kill Network Connections

    I am a newbie who had help setting up a Dell 2950 Server running Lucid 10.04 LTS as a NAS/MediaServer. For the last year it has run like a charm and had no problems. Approximately every 2 weeks I install the recommended updates and until now - no problems. However, Last week when I did this I now find I have NO network connectivity.

    During the BIOS Boot I can see the network assigning a DHCP address to the server for use if I was using the network boot option (I don't).

    The system boots normally, but when I enter my password to open the server - NO NETWORK CONNECTIONS. The servers have 4 separate GB network cards and to see if I had a bad card, I plugged all cards into a new GB switch. All 4 connections (etho-eth3) show they try to connect but refuse to pick up a DCHP/connection.

    A friend recommended I try running with a former Kernal option upon bootup but the system goes right into the "pink" Lucid login screen with no grub options. I am getting used to SAMBA problems but without a connection I cannot even blame SAMBA.

    STEP-BY-STEP Help would be appreciated.


    FYI - I can verify I have good connectivity at the cable connecting into my server using a windows laptop so I know the network is working as expected.

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    Re: Routine Updates Kill Network Connections

    Solved...nothing wrong with updates. Updates were just a timing coincidence. Problem created by 5 yr old who plugged in an extra wire into my switch creating DHCP errors- Thanks to all who tried to help

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