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Thread: Where is the PSP preset for Handbrake?

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    Where is the PSP preset for Handbrake?

    When I used handbrake on my PC, it had a preset for PSP. The Ubuntu version does not. Does anyone know if I can import a setting, or what the settings should be?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Where is the PSP preset for Handbrake?

    The version of HandBrake you were using on your PC must have been old. The PSP preset was dropped in the latest version of HandBrake because there were multiple reports of incompatibility between the preset and different flavours of the PSP. It seems that differences in firmware versions etc. make it very difficult to create an officially sanctioned preset for it. Here's a thread on handbrake's forums discussing settings that worked for some users.

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    Re: Where is the PSP preset for Handbrake?

    the iphone/ipod touch preset works just fine for a psp running 6.60 just rename them from m4v to mp4. i also changed the bitrate to 400 and audio to 64 kps just so i had smaller file sizes. the default rez is the same for both devices so.


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