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I had that error, too, and I did not keep notes on how I managed to solve it. It might have been that I installed 11.04 and then upgraded to get around that error with 11.10.
OK, but instead of downloading 11.04, I downloaded 10.04.2. (I wanted to be certain that it would work.) When I clicked on the ISO disk image, I was able to mount the image's contents, view the folders, and even the files contained therein. However, I am at a loss about how to proceed.

1) There is no executable file in the mounted folder that will open in my MacOS system. I cannot even get the ReadMe file to open properly. Using TextEdit will allow me to view the contents of each document, however.

2) If I were to copy the contents of the mounted folder onto my partition set aside for Xubuntu, it is unlikely once again that anything would happen, because the partition is formatted the same as that of my MacOS partition -- namely, MacOS Extended Journaled.

Please advise.