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Thread: Can't write to my own home folder w/o elevation

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    Can't write to my own home folder w/o elevation

    This is my first time configuring server Linux (10.04). So far, I have created only one user login for administration. I've noticed I can't write to my own home folder without elevating to root status. This means that almost any process I launch needs to be run with sudo, even creating a text file.

    I can see that the user and group for my /home/username folder are both "root", I'm assuming there is a reason. I'm pretty sure adding my login name to the "root" group would have unintended security consequences, such as being able to edit configuration files without elevation. Can I change the owner or the group on my home folder without making those files inaccessible to system processes that expect to access them (since under Ubuntu, my user login is a surrogate root account). I.E., is there a reason editing the content of my own root folder should require elevation?

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    Re: Can't write to my own home folder w/o elevation

    Try right-clicking and going into properties. There should be an option for security that you can change.

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    Re: Can't write to my own home folder w/o elevation

    your problem is interesting, your home dir should be owned by you. to change it just run the command

    sudo chown username.usergroup /home/username -R
    sudo chmod 700 /home/username -R.

    doing this will fix the home dir permissions but may cause issues if some custom apps or services have been setup to access files in youe home dir. I would be fixing the home dir permission then fixing the apps and services that may fail due to the updated home dir permission.

    Good luck, cheers


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