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Thread: 11.10 startup freeze at ubuntu logo page

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    11.10 startup freeze at ubuntu logo page

    I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10 (kernel 3.1.0-rc10+) on an AMD 64-bit system. With the latest nVidia driver (285.05.09), the startup hangs on the ubuntu logo screen after the 5 red dots turn to white, then red again. Ctrl-Alt-F<x> doesn't get me into a tty session, and Ctril+Alt+SysRq R-E-I-S-U-B doesn't reboot. In recovery mode, I get a lot of "usb 5-2 device descriptor read/64 error -110" messages before I can drop into a root prompt. I can then telinit 3 to start an X session and get to the login screen, but I can't login. The login screen reappears after I enter my username and password, without an "invalid username/password" warning.

    If I install the nvidia_current driver (280.05.09) instead, the startup hangs immediately at the blank aubergine screen. In recovery mode, it hangs after the "loading initial ramdisk..." message.

    I Googled around for similar problems, but none of the solutions seemed to work. I've attached a zipfile of my dmesg output. Thanks in advance for any help. BTW I did not have any such problems with 11.04.

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