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Thread: remove and reinstall dead unity? (oneiric)

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    Re: remove and reinstall dead unity? (oneiric)

    Yeah thanks Mark, I only needed to run the first part. Who knew that trying to enable desktop cube would break so much hehe.

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    Re: remove and reinstall dead unity? (oneiric)

    Over the past while people had started to complain (among them myself) about the Natty version of Unity. The reason being: It would crash if I did 3 consecutive actions on my laptop, until I got rid of all of the custom settings. I really can't see how Oneiric can be any worse than that, especially since it's working fine for me in this release. Anyway,

    Another thing to try (this works with a lot of things) is to purge all of the configuration files in your home directory pertaining to Unity. I had problems with nautilus in the last release, and that solved them all.

    The files will be either loose in your home dir, (just hidden) or in ./.config. (also hidden)

    This may or may not help for the user who comes across this page looking for answers to their own problem with just about anything, Unity, Nautilus, Evolution, Shotwell, Banshee, etc. Pretty much anything except Mozilla applications has this problem.
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    Re: remove and reinstall dead unity? (oneiric)

    I had the same problem after playing with compiz - there should be a warning on Compiz - not to be used by anyone over 50!

    Anyway, Mark Phelps' solution was great.
    I have to add that to check whether the commands actually worked, it is necessary to reboot.
    From the tty I typed 'sudo reboot now', and everything re-started fine (oneiric amd64).
    and of course compiz needs to be reinstalled, if for example, one wants to minimize the unity icons to 32 and make them permanent (which I do). To re-install compiz:
    'sudo apt-get install compiz-config-settings-manager'



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