Hi All,
I have an internal "Samsung FMD9410NDL1 Flash Card Reader" which came with my Dell Dimension 5100. These machines come with Windows XP pre-installed, so I formatted my HDD, and replaced XP with Ubuntu.

I never considered the fact that Dell, being Dell, had decided to make the drivers or any possible software to let users actually use this drive non-existent on-line, and only pre-loaded on the machine, which, unfortunately, has already been wiped.

I'm now in a position where I have no drivers at all, even after HOURS of Googling...

Ubuntu, and the PC, recognise the card reader, but just don't know HOW to use it, so I DO get a green light breifly after inserting an SD card into the reader, but Ubuntu doesn't know what to do with it.

In ubuntu, If I go to my computer in Nautilus, I don't see anything related to a card reader.

In my previous 11.04 install, I had 4 options related to the card reader (one for each card slot), but ubuntu didn't know how to open them.
I re-installed 11.04, and nowI see nothing related to cards, as mentioned above.

The PC DEFINITELY recognises it, as it lights up on boot, and also lights up when I insert a card.