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Humm - seems a bit paranoid to me. Script kiddies would not know how to bypass my router even if they had the admin password to it. If a serious attacker really wanted to get you, they would probably get you regardless with some zero day exploit.

I think a firewall is good if you have the time to configure / understand it. But how far do we take security? IDS, snort, tripwires, reading logs every day??? Router security is often enough for a home user IMHO - But this was a jolly good thread.
I don't think script kiddies, they may have different level of skill, cannot bypass your firewall or router.

Intruder can attack your box not only by using zero day exploit. They have many methods to do so. They can bypass IDS/IPS, Anti-virus, firewall and WAF. Please don't look them down or you may felt a great regret.

Intruder attacks home users for many reasons. Sometimes, they do that are not for stealing data or money.

How about intruder captures images from your webcam when your webcam is turned on.