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Thread: gnome 3 + compiz : opacity doesn't work

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    gnome 3 + compiz : opacity doesn't work

    I installed ubuntu 11.10 and set default environment gnome3. In old gnome I use compiz plugin Opacity(works: ALT + mouse wheel). In new gnome 3 I have also activated Opacity plugin but desn't work. In Unity works well.
    Do you have idea where is the problem? Compiz or Gnome 3? Please help me. It's my very preferred function
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    Re: gnome 3 + compiz : opacity doesn't work

    From what I've read, compiz and gnome 3 dont play nice together, I tried using compiz and gnome 3, and it was a disaster. Apparently since gnome now uses mutter (or is it clutter?) its not compatible any more (or at least not easily) with compiz..

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    Re: gnome 3 + compiz : opacity doesn't work

    If you have logged into the GNOME session.
    ie your running gnome-shell, compiz won't be your window manager.
    You can run compiz in a Unity or gnome-classic session.
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