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Thread: an idea to make software center better

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    an idea to make software center better

    I'm going to ask's moderation to allow this.

    Idea Rationale
    When many people install a software, it goes towards many people's objectives.
    When people rate a software high, it does well what its author says that it does.

    If a software doesn't go towards many people's objectives, but does what its author says that it does well, it appears on top.

    Idea Solution
    We must keep track of usage interest. If a software is read by 100 people and 90 from among them choose to install it, that means 90% are interested in using it.

    To keep track of what apps were read, we: don't show more than one app at the same time, show mini description, expand to full description, collapse to mini description and a link to the next app in the current category.

    Then, we multiply average rating by usage interest to get a number and sort software by that number.

    Do you want this feature in Ubuntu Software Center too?
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