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Thread: 11.04 Cannot Access Unity

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    11.04 Cannot Access Unity

    I upgraded from 10.04 through to 11.04 on my Netbook and at one point the Unity desktop manager was working, but by the time I finally arrived at 11.04, Unity was no longer a login option. All I get is Gnome/Ubuntu defaults.

    I also followed a similar upgrade path on my home desktop, and now it is also at 11.04, and again Unity is not an option there.

    Is there some way to enable Unity?

    Ubuntu Novice, but learning quickly....

    Update: Looking around on my Netbook revealed that what I was missing was the the label for the menu no longer says "Unity". When I tried the environment for "Ubuntu" which I guess is the default, opened it up in Unity. However, my desktop PC still only gets me into Gnome classic and not Unity when I choose simply "Ubuntu" in the menu. In thinking about this, I seem to recall when I was rebuilding the desktop PC late that night there may have been a message telling me that my video card would not support Unity.
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    Re: 11.04 Cannot Access Unity

    If your card is unable to run the default unity in 11.04, you will get the fallback of classic gnome. If you want unity you will need to install unity-2d from the repos.

    If you move one step further to the 11.10 version the default fallback is unity-2d without the need to install it manually.
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