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Thread: Remastersys is back in active development

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    Lightbulb Re: Remastersys is back in active development

    Quote Originally Posted by aimwin View Post
    Please also update your
    Canonical and Mark Sh. should have sponsor you and make remastersys as one key program in the system tool menu,
    the same as usb-creator.
    This is not just a suggestion, but a need of time. It's strange why isn't it added on standard repositories of Ubuntu yet? It will be really helpful if one can directly download it from software center without having the need to add custom lines in the source list.

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    Question Re: Remastersys is back in active development

    I have a "total noob" question
    I like Xubuntu but there are a few things I added to feel "at home" (vlc, skype...)
    I wanted also to have 3 keyboard layouts pre selected and available from the menu bar
    Now I want to make a liveCD with these settings. I had heard of mastersys, but when I try
    sudo su
    remastersys dist

    xubuntu says "command not found"

    what is wrong ?

    [another noob question : is it possible to make a live usb of xubuntu with the persistance feature ? Which tool would you recommand ?]

    Thanx to those who will take some time to help a poor noob...

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    Re: Remastersys is back in active development

    I can answer your second question.

    For an Ubuntu stick either Startup Disk Creator or Unetbootin should do it with an option for persistence.

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    Re: Remastersys is back in active development

    Check my website under the ubuntu section for details on how to install remastersys. It isn't included in the default Ubuntu repositories.

    As for persistence, be very careful as there is a current bug with running persistence and then trying to install it afterwards as you will have issues. If you simply want to keep it as a persistent usb setup then that is fine but if you plan to install it, do not use persistence.

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