This is the second time i have tried to install 11.10 on my HP touchscreen.

Basically, the upgrade was a total failure [could not boot, got stuck on a black command line screen].

So, I tried to format the disk to Fat32 (because using the USB stick, the OD worked absolutely fabulously), then reinstalled. NO LUCK. In fact, I swear I heard my computer spit at me.

Try 3, clean fresh install, did not work. I could boot and login, but that's where the magic ended. The screen repeatedly froze at the login splash screen.

I know Ubuntu is rare on a touchscreen, but its the most stable operating system for the type of touchscreen I have. Better than Vista by far!!!

Anyhoo, that's my trip report. Has anyone found a solution or tip on working through the freeze-upon-boot issue with 11.10? Let me know.