I have installed Lubuntu 11.04 in a friend's older machine and am currently doing some testings.

When I plug in an usb drive or external drive it shows up on the left panel of the file manager but somehow I can't mount them by clicking, or more exactly, there is no guarantee, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't .

I have a multiple partition external drive, when I plug it in all the partitions show up on the left panel on the file manager, but most of them wont mount most of the time except for a ntfs partition (the rest are all ext4).

Now I have installed Compiz and I am wondering if it has anything to do with allowing Compiz to manage the desktop (The computer is old, but with Lubuntu it is light enough to run Compiz on top and still lighting fast, OOTB Lubuntu is just too ugly )

P.S Also short cuts like alt+f2, ctr+alt+t don't work.