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Thread: Boot freezes after van clean

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    Boot freezes after van clean

    Hi! I got a problem when i'm booting.

    First: I cleaned the van of the PC -a Medion P4 with 1GB Ram and an old Mobo VIA- and i didn't know i must use a silicon before booting. I didn't. The PC hangs 3 o 4 times and then i found with my laptop the answer: i need the silicon.

    But now, with the thermic paste or silicon and the van cleaned, i got constant freezes when i start the PC. It seems like it just need to got power, i mean: when i restart, no freezes. When i boot i can reset just 3 o 4 times before Ubuntu start flawless. But i found when it hangs or freezes the first time, i wait till the van calm the sound, restart and voilá, que system is ok.

    When i got the PC suspended all night, i can restart the PC flawless in the morning.

    I made the MEMtes till the end and no errors. So, i dont know if:

    a) I got a problem with thermic paste.

    b) I must unplugg and plug the RAM -maybe when i clean the Mobo and Van something i did something wrong, maybe static electricity?-.

    c) I reinstalled Ubuntu from CD to do a clean installation, and i got the same error.

    d) OMG i need a new PC

    So, before unplugg and plug the RAM and thinking about the issue about when i'm waiting till the van calm its sound and i can boot ubuntu flawless or next day before suspended the PC, what do you recommend? It's a mystery to me!

    Thanks very much!!

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    Re: Boot freezes after van clean

    I guess by "van", you mean "fan" -- as in the fan that is mounted on the heat sink on top of the CPU (processor) right?

    One possibility is the the thermal paste is on too thick, effectively, preventing it from doing its job. Generally, with the modern pastes, you only want a very thin layer. All that does is fill in the minute, tiny air gaps between the top of the processor and the bottom of the heatsink on the fan. If you put too much on, it serves instead as an insulator -- doing the opposite of what you want.

    If the fan is running very loud, that's a sign of overheating. So, I would check the thermal paste.

    As to silicon, I clean fans regularly and never heard about having to use silicon for anything.
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