I’m using a Toshiba Dinadock docking station connected to my Toshiba Satellite A665 laptop. I’m using Ubuntu 11.04 and the last version of Virtualbox.

When I am running Windows XP on the Virtualbox, the docking station works very well, with sound and peripheral devices working alright.
Instead, when using it from ‘normal’ Ubuntu, the ‘sound through USB’ option does not work. This function allows the audio output to pass through the USB cable that goes from my computer to the docking station, so that external loudspeakers can be connected to the docking station instead of plugging them into the laptop.
As said above, this function only works through Virtualbox and not in Ubuntu.

This surprises me because I imagine that the drivers that Windows XP uses when running in the Virtualbox must somehow depend on Ubuntu.

How can I make the audio function of the docking station work under Ubuntu, and not only in the Virtualbox?