Remind me never to buy a computer which has a RT wireless card in the future! It has been my only consistent problem with Ubuntu over the years.

So I install 11.10 this morning, and to my utter shock the wireless was working straight away with me not needing to do anything! I was so happy, but then the problem began.

It seems that the wireless is working at full speed for a 'period of time' (seems to vary) then goes very slow, indeed I think it stops entirely, and then carries on again at full speed. The amount of time it stops for, or the amount of time between stops, seems to vary.

It is not an internet problem, as other machines on the network are working fine. I wondered if anyone had any suggestions. I have tried install wicd and to connect through that (this has solved most of my rt issues in the past) but the problem is also occurring in the same way.

I would greatly appreciate your ideas.


- Sean