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Thread: blank icon added on notification area after resume since ugrade

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    Re: blank icon added on notification area after resume since ugrade

    I used your step-by-step method and just made a button for myself as well. Google brought me here, just fyi. I also branched off from your idea and made a Play/Pause button up there too, awesome!

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    Re: blank icon added on notification area after resume since ugrade

    Quote Originally Posted by ogilvierothchild View Post
    Here is my work-around

    In a terminal shell, type:

    Now in that editor window, paste the following:

    Save the file end exit the editor. Back at the terminal shell prompt, type:

    Open a new shell, you should be able to type "" and the lxpanel should restart on command.

    Now, we want a button on the toolbar to do this for us, so it's jsut a single click. So in a terminal shell, type:

    Now in that file, paste in the following

    Save that, and now the "lxpanel reset" program shows up in the main LXDE menu under "Accessories". Logout and login to be sure.

    Now on the lxpanel, right click, goto "Panel Settings", click the "Panel Applets" tab, click "+ Add" , find and click "Application Launch Bar", click the "+ Add" button at the bottom, now back in "Panel Applets" the new Application Launch Bar is at the bottom of the list. Click on it, then click the "Edit" button on the side. A new window pops up (you might have to move the "panel preferences" window to the bottom of the screen to get at the new window).

    In the new window (Application Launch Bar) click the small triangle to expand that submenu list. Scroll down to "LXPanel Restart" and click it, then in the middle of that window click the "+ Add" button. Then click "Close" at the bottom.

    Now back in "panel preferences", you can click that "Application Launch Bar" (last entry in the "panel applets" list), and use the "Up" / "Down" buttons to position it.

    Now, if your system tray goes wonky, just click that lxpanel reset icon and it will reset it.

    I almost didn't use LXDE at all because of this issue, but I find clicking that button takes a fraction of a second, so doing that 10x a day is not a chore; i hardly notice it.
    This is the best!!! It solves other problems (like the entire task bar going out to lunch after suspend -- I Put a shortcut on the desktop, double clicking it brings the task bar back to work).



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