I've installed Kubuntu 11.10 three times and I find some oddities regarding to Libreoffice which I don't find in another computer using ubuntu 11.10 (so I assume it has to do with something related to KDE or Kubuntu integration).

  1. From time to time (I have not been able to reproduce any pattern), non printable characters dissappear no matter if I click on the icon to show/hide them. The only way to recover them is by deleting .libreoffice folder in my home folder, but that means that I also lose all my custom information (Dictionaries, templates...). I can't do it anymore!
  2. I found a problem with a certain extension,and when I reported it in the appropiate forum I was told that it sounded "like the same issue as was reported with the OpenOffice.org Qt VCL plug-in a couple years back" and it could be solved by uninstalling KDE integration package (libreoffice-kde), which I do not want to do.

So I am wondering if there's something wrong with KDE integration in kubuntu.