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Thread: Over friendly file manager

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    Over friendly file manager

    I have a shell script that uses truecrypt to mount the file as truecrypt volume, apply changes to newly mounted device and unmount. This process is repeated for many files in a loop.

    My script does work fine, but the problem with 11.10 is every time I mount a truecrypt volume, nautilus opens, grabs focus, and starts showing the new mounted device.

    This is very useful for normal mount operations however very painful in shellscript where depending upon configuration, I might be mounting 15-20 volumes. 11.04 or previous versions, did notice the change, but did not grab the focus or pop up a new window.

    How do I disable file manager notification about newly mounted drive?

    At first I thought it was same nautilus instance that was grabbing the focus. Turns out I was wrong. I have almost 25 windows open. Thanks to killall, I could clean it quickly.
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    Re: Over friendly file manager

    Anyone? Please help.

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