I have an MSI GX660R which was pre-loaded (for some unknown reason) with an Intel Rapid Storage RAID-0 array accross both disks. Windows, with the Intel Rapid Storage and Intel 5 series chipset drivers, runs really quite quickly on the laptop but Ubuntu... not so much.

On laptops much older and less powerful than mine, Ubuntu can boot in less than 30 seconds. On mine it takes over 40 seconds, and programs also load much less quickly. I'm not sure if those two drivers are what are making the difference - but they are the only non-windows-default drivers that I have in use, aside from the graphics card.

I have tried removing the RAID array but that just makes Ubuntu go even slower - so I guess it is a different driver that I am having issues with (or need to download). Could anyone give me some advice please on how to get Ubuntu running as smoothly on my new laptop as it does on my four year old one ?