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Thread: Only FTP or Nginx work (permissions)

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    Only FTP or Nginx work (permissions)

    Hello guys,

    I've for too long used to work with windows web server and now im migrating to linux.

    I've created a new server running Ubuntu 12.10 x64.

    Installed Nginx, tested, it is ok.

    Installed vsFTPd, tested, it is ok.

    But only when each one have permissions set to it.

    I have a user manga. its home directory is /var/www/manga

    I've created a public_html folder, which is the root of the ServerBlock.

    When i apply chown of that folder to manga, the VSFTPD upload work, but the NGINX gives me 403 error.

    When i apply chown of that folder to www-data, the NGINX work, but VSFTPD denies me uploads.

    I've tried to set the chmod to 755 of /var/www
    I've tried to make manga user of the group www-data (using $sudo usermod -aG www-data manga)

    Even thought, i cant make all work normally.

    Please someone take this headache of my head haha

    Thank you

    sorry my english.

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    Re: Only FTP or Nginx work (permissions)

    This is more a question about servers, than a security question. Moved.


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