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Thread: Problem during upgrade process.

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    Problem during upgrade process.

    Okay, I have a small problem, durring the upgrade process, it failed to upgrade completely, so I opened the update manager, I decided that if I selected a "partial upgrade" it would fix the problem, however, my password wasn't recognized. What should I do?

    If I have to reinstall, I have no problem, as I have backed up my files on my windows partition.

    EDIT: The package that failed was called "samba", never used it.

    EDIT: It's fine now, just needed a reboot.
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    Re: Problem during upgrade process.

    I've had quite a few problems downloading software and updating, etc ( although not quite the same as an upgrade ).
    One thing I did notice is that if you update a second time after the first failure - it picked up from where it left off. One one laptop - it took me about six or seven reboots and running update manager again seven times before I finally downloaded the updates. Sometimes persistence pays off
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