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Thread: UNetbootin corrupted GUI desktop environment

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    UNetbootin corrupted GUI desktop environment

    I have been running a dual xp / ubuntu remix partition on a Samsung NC10 for the past two years without any major problems until a few days ago.

    The problems began when I acquired a malware virus on the xp partition and attempted to re-install Windows from a flash drive using UNetbootin. Not only would UNetbootin not correctly boot the XP image on the USB but when I attempted to log back into Ubuntu, I could not access the GUI folders and application. The superior menu bar with date time and wireless connectivity, cursor function and access to the terminal still exist, but I cannot load or access folder or applications in teh desktop environment.

    How could running UNetbootin have corrupted this? Is there a simple fix besides a hard re-installation of ubuntu?

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    Re: UNetbootin corrupted GUI desktop environment

    Try pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to a terminal.
    Are you able to get to the terminal?
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    Re: UNetbootin corrupted GUI desktop environment

    I don't think unebotin support winxp to create a bootable usb stick it supports linux distribution so here's post that I found useful night help you too.


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