I am using Rabbitvcs svn client on Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 and it doesn't show me the 'Commit' command when i right click on the Working Copy folder.

I am trying to bring a project under Version Control that did not use Version Control to manage code at the start.

The project has a few folders with code files that are either successive versions of the same code with changes or completely new code files that did not exist in the previous folder such as a new feature/functionality addition to code.

I imported the oldest code folder to remote repository, and then did a checkout from remote repository to create a working copy(WC) on local system.

Then i overwrote the WC with newer code files from the next code folder, however when i try to commit the latest version of WC to remote repository, the commit option doesn't show up on right clicking on WC.

Hopefully someone can help me sort out the issue.