Hi, I'm having a problem with my wifi manager not allowing me to connect to secured WEP networks. I'm using the default manager that came with Kubuntu. I've gone through this since 10.04, and I have yet to be able to figure out the problem. Right now, I'm on 11.10

A search of the forums has turned out similar problems, but each one wasn't exactly like mine, and seemed to be hardware issues rather than software issues. I know I can connect to wireless networks, as I am typing this up at the local coffee shop, yet I can't connect to the secured networks.

When I attempt to connect, it configures for what seems like forever, and then comes back and asks me for the network's password. When I enter the password, it starts the process over again, ending with asking me for the password once again.

If you need anymore information you'll have to ask, because I've no idea what information to provide that would be relevant.