Hello everybody,

I am Heavenwolf and I am a beginner in the way of the linux. I installed ubuntu 12.04 lts on my laptop recently without any problem, but that all changed in the in the weeks that followed. I can connect to my wifi at home and the college that is across from mine but I cannot connect to the wifi at my home instituition. The wifi here uses a wpa2 enterprise setup with no certificates and MSCHAPv2 inner authorization.The funny thing is that when I put the live cd, I can connect without a problem. The laptop that I am using is a toshiba satelitte l655D-S5050 with a (I believe) the rtl8192se driver. I do not know the latest kernel that I am using because at the moment I am on the internet by the means of the live cd. Do you think it is the kernel. I can really use the help.