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Thread: Calling Stale Broker

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokoma View Post
    I meet the same error in Windows

    finally I got it
    1.shutdown the 3 process contain ubuntu
    such as windows-ubuntu-sso-login.exe

    2.AND then GOTO the Folder such as
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\xdg\ubuntuone\syncdaemon\tritcask

    3.Delete them all and restart the Ubuntu One icon.

    and now it works for me.

    I think it must be some error breaked during the sync and can't resume .
    hanging dead. what I do maybe make it a restart.
    Just used this resolution for Windows 7 Pro x86 with version 3.0.0 of Ubuntu One client for Windows and worked great! Thanks!
    Linux or do not... there is no dual-boot.

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    Re: Calling Stale Broker

    My solution was to quit U1 via the system area app icon and restart it via the desktop icon. It then carried out the sync operation, but it didn't update the space used! So I quit again the same way and restarted it, then the usage updated.

    How can I recommend this product choice to family, friends, colleagues or customers when it needs this much baby sitting? Sure I could have carried out the other suggestions above (shutting down and restarting services), but the average Joe isn't going to be able to do that easily without clear instruction -- heck some people can't even understand how to create a new folder to store files...

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    Re: Calling Stale Broker

    Thanks for the tip dokoma. It worked for me!!!
    The folder in WIn7 for me was

    C:\Users\michael\AppData\Local\xdg\ubuntuone\syncd aemon\tritcask

    After deleting the files in this folder and restarting U1 everything worked fine. You'll lose your sync directories. Delete it via the U1 Homepage and reset it again.

    Thx and BR

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    Re: Calling Stale Broker


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