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Thread: Lubuntu 11.10 from USB - how to?

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    Lubuntu 11.10 from USB - how to?

    I've been experimenting with Ubuntu and most recently Lubuntu for nearly a year. I've just moved from Persistent Live USB Lubuntu 10.10 to 11.10 on my higher spec Dell laptop.

    But I've found the Persistent Live installs of Lubuntu 10.10 to be unstable, they start out great but over a couple of months seem to lose functionality, suddenly demanding passwords, or Synaptic PM "disappears" and won't open, or they lose access to the HDD on the computer.

    At this point, I'm still not interested in putting Lubuntu on my hard drives, but would be very interested in "for dummies" instructions to do a regular installation on a USB thumb drive instead of Persistent Live USB. I've read posts that indicate this is doable, but clicking that "install" icon on the desktop I haven't figured out how to begin an install to anything other than the HDD. Any guidance to a good "how to" or step by step for installing Lubuntu on USB would be appreciated. Thanks.
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