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Thread: TIP: If Gigolo only offers "Custom Location"

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    Lightbulb TIP: If Gigolo only offers "Custom Location"

    If you run Xubuntu, connecting to remote filesystems is supported by using the Gigolo program. For me, on installs up to 11.04, this has worked out of the box, but with a clean install of 11.10 all Gigolo would offer me was a "Custom Location" (not much good if you want SSH / Samba-Windows / FTP / Obex / WebDav shares).

    The problem is probably caused by gvfs-backends not being installed, so

    sudo apt-get install gvfs-backends
    and Gigolo should work properly.

    Link to a more detailed page on getting network shares with Gigolo, nice work from user Kronalias
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    Re: TIP: If Gigolo only offers "Custom Location"

    Worked for me on Xubuntu 11.10 ( Gigolo 0.4.1 on a default install )
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