Hello everyone. Been awhile since I've posted or really been in Ubuntu, thanks to my gaming life. XD.

Anywho, I just uninstalled Ubuntu 11.04 and reinstalled 10.10 on my desktop (I dual-boot, just deleted the 11.04 partition, etc.). I downloaded Mumble and connected to my friends' server, and my microphone isn't working. This is the headset I use.


It plugs directly into the stereo and microphone line-in ports on the back of my tower. The speaker portion works fine, I hear everything fine. However, the microphone isn't working. I've messed with the Mumble settings a bit, but nothing helps. It worked fine in Ubuntu 11.04, but I can't seem to find any sort of drivers, and I didn't really think I'd need any since it's not USB. Anyhow, any replies are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!