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Thread: Formatting a large external hard disk

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    Re: Formatting a large external hard disk

    Quote Originally Posted by oldfred View Post
    I would download the newest gdisk if you want to do more than just list partition info with it.

    GPT fdisk Tutorial -srs5694 in forums

    Both gparted & gdisk seem to say it it ok. Have you copied some data and check to see if you have any issues?

    Unless you have real needs for one very large partition, I would not have just one. Since it is NTFS, you need to run chkdsk periodically and it may take days if you fill it with data. Or if you have data corruption any scan tool may take many days to find lost info.
    I accessed the external drive on another ubuntu machine and it seems fine. At this point, I guess I'll take my chances and assume that disk utility is just not reporting it correctly. As you said, gparted and gdisk both says it is ok.

    You mentioned NTFS. Since my drive is EXT4, will it still take a long time if there is data corruption?

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    Re: Formatting a large external hard disk

    The ext4 has a faster way of running fsck. But very large partition may still take longer.
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