I'm trying to get a script do make backup of DVD's to ISO so then I can play it in XBMC.

I was using dd with the command "sudo dd if=/dev/sr0 of=/home/nwc/dvd.iso bs=256 conv=noerror,sync", but in some DVD's errors occur and some parts of the movie are not playing well.

I did the backup using "Copy Disk..." function when you do right click in the drive on the desktop. The backup ran perfectly, just like playing from the DVD itself. I was wondering if anybody knows what shell command(s) it uses (if he does and it's not simply a program that does the backup in some programming language). Or where I can find it's source since I don't even know the name of the program.

Thanks in advance for replys.


NOTE: The test DVD in this case is Robin Hood (2010) which I legally hold.