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Thread: 11.10 Bugs? my first impression

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    11.10 Bugs? my first impression


    After installed ubuntu 11.10 yesterday on my desktop computer I have been testing out both unity and gnome shell and i found both to be looking good, but none of them is actually fully working! (or if its ubuntu 11.10 itself that is ******* with me)

    First off i use SUPER as my key to move and resize windows with because i need the ALT button in programs i use.

    First problems in unity:
    Single clicking on any of the top panel icons like the mail or time pops up the menu for that but i need to hold down the mouse button to see it, if i just do a single click it comes and disappears again. Worst is, this behavior is not consistent, sometimes it actually works by just single clicking and the menu stays up (which is how its supposed to work right? the appmenu works like that).

    I have also been having problems with applications refusing to start randomly. First time i was inside of ubuntu 11.10 after installation the ubuntu software center refused to start up, only a window came up with no widgets (an empty gray window) so i could not install anything from there. After restart it have worked ever since.

    One session Gedit refused to open, the only life sign i got was when i tried to log out and a window came up that gedit was "not responding".

    One session Nautilus file browser just had a crashing marathon so it was impossible to browse for files.

    One session the network icon in the panel got whacked up showing blinking of the wireless symbol and the network was not working. Disabling and enabling again worked (but still it looked like a bug, not like it just couldn't find network because it looked like it had gotten epilepsy. plus im using cable to connect to my router, not wireless)

    using SUPER to move my windows make the unity menu to the left pop out all the time, would be nice if it understood when im using SUPER+mouse button so i dont want it to come out. I tried remapping launcher hotkey to CTRL+SUPER, but that was a disaster. It was randomly popping up and off again depending on if i pressd ctrl before super, or vice versa so it was not very useful.

    In gnome shell:
    I like this desktop, but it has one big flaw when using SUPER as key for moving windows. When tapping SUPER the launcher comes up and all is good.. then if i try holding SUPER and move a window, that works too without opening launcher.. BUT after using the SUPER key to move or resize any window, the SUPER key wont show the launcher no matter what i do, its totally broken and only works for moving/resizing windows now, to get up the launcher i have to move the mouse to top left corner. The SUPER key is broken until i log out and in again and i can open launcher again.. until i move a window.

    I actually like the look and feel of this desktop generally over unity. It would be nice if they could merge somewhat. I dislike that you get a big top bar when having fullscreen windows in this gnome shell, unity does this nicely by blending in with the top panel! The top panel tho looks much better in gnome shell and the menu items is consistent showing up when clicking them.

    Since i just installed yesterday I havent been working too much in gnome shell so i cant say if i have same problems with applications crashing and not working there like in unity.

    Overall it have been an awful first experience as a new user of ubuntu since i have been fighting with ubuntu to actually work ever since i installed it! I hope my second day using it will be better.


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    Re: 11.10 Bugs? my first impression

    Ok found one more thing.. this session i couldnt use nautilus to show me a few folders. After 1hour it suddenly worked again

    I couldnt go into my root folder (file system), /media (where my hdd is getting mounted) or /mnt .. It just stood and waited, if i changed my folder to /home f.ex it worked again.

    But i could get into /mnt/mysharedfolder and /media/winSSD etc so the network was indeed working fine. I just coudlnt list those mentioned folders.

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    Re: 11.10 Bugs? my first impression

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that has this annoying "Hold the mouse button down" problem with the top menu bars.

    You're right, sometimes it happens other times it doesn't. When it does, I've found a way to fix it for that session. Right-click on the desktop and and choose "Change Desktop Background". Then on the window that opens up at the bottom there is an option that says "Theme to be used for the UI" and a Dropdown menu beside it. Change it from whatever it's on to "High Contrast". Then wait a second for your theme to change. Then change it back (probably to Ambiance". Then exit the window. Then the problem goes away for that session. Annoying I know!


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