Ok, so I'm reading a lot about DLNA and running servers on Linux, but nothing much about the client side of it. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the protocol, but I'll explain the set up and then perhaps someone will have a solution or tell me that it's not what DLNA is meant for. Here goes:

- LCD TV connected to a PC running Ubuntu 11.10.
- I use this PC/server as my HTPC, basically.
- I have an Android Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and all my music on it.
- I want to be able to use a DLNA compatible music player on my phone (which I have already), to play the music or video or whatever from my phone TO my ubuntu PC which will in turn display/play through the TV.

So to clarify - it's using the Ubuntu box as the actual output of the DLNA connection rather than the input to it. There seems to be a lot about the other way around, but never this way. Ideally the solution is using DLNA because I already have an app on my phone that will play nicely to a DLNA compatible device (like a Samsung TV that has it built it).

Hope that's clear enough.

Any help/advice is much appreciated. I'm an advanced Ubuntu user.