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Thread: Oneiric Ocelot Forgotten Keyring How to Reset?

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    Angry Oneiric Ocelot Forgotten Keyring How to Reset?

    I'm new to Ubuntu (obviously)
    In Natty Narwhal, I had forgotten my passwords. I was able to reset the main password, but the keyring I couldn't get. I don't have much under my keyring, so I didn't have to use it. However, in Oneiric Ocelot, it's not letting me click cancel and enter the wifi password instead. I know that resetting the keyring has dangers, but I don't have much under it. So. How would I go about resetting the keyring? Thanks.

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    Re: Oneiric Ocelot Forgotten Keyring How to Reset?

    You Could do this search for "Passwords and Encryption Keys" then launch that program go to "Passwords" tab then click on Passwords Login category under that you'll find your keyring.

    It'll have something like "Network Secret for Auto <your network name>" Right click that then click properties then check the show password option and you'll see your password or other wise just delete the whole thing and re-connect your self to the wi-fi that will do the trick for you.
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