i made a distro upgrade for my ibookg4 to v 11.10.

the upgrate itself had an error installing one package named firmeware... (don't know the name exactly) but afterwards finished with success.

i rebootet after the distroupgrade and the ibook failed to boot.

what i see when i press the power button:
1. there is a boot menu:
First Stage upbuntu boot, l=linux, c = cdrom
i choose l

2. there is a yaboot screen (i choose nothing after a few seconds the boot process continues)

3. The cd rom makes some noise, nothing happens for about 15 s

3. An error and the busybox is displayed:

WARNING bootdevice may be renamed. Try root=/dev/sda3
Gave up waiting for root device........

then BusyBox v1.18.4 is displayed.

when i look at /dev there is a device /dev/sda3 (wich is the root device)

i can then mount the root device
cd /
mount /dev/sda3 /root

but the same error is displayed again.

how does i manage to get the system to boot from /dev/sda3 ?
i don't catch the boot progress. doesn't yaboot mount the root device ?

thanks stefan