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Thread: Skype icon has disappeared after updating to 11.10

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    Re: Skype icon has disappeared after updating to 11.10

    Quote Originally Posted by roobinatube View Post
    I have realised the easiest way to avoid the "gnome-panel --replace" issue, is make sure that skype starts after gnome-panel. I was having some issues because sometimes the skype icon would be present, others not. I figure this was because "gnome-panel --replace" was actually happening before skype started!

    So I found the most consistant thing to do is delete the startup entries for skype and "gnome-panel --replace", and add my own shell script.

    gedit ~/
    Copy/paste this into the file:

    sleep 10
    Then make it executable (or right click > properties >permissions > allow executing):
    chmod +x ~/
    Then add this as a startup item. 10 seconds should be plenty on most systems to guarantee skype starts after everything else.
    Works perfectly. Thanks so much

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    Re: Skype icon has disappeared after updating to 11.10

    I use 11.04 with classic gnome, but have the same problem, ie the skype icon does not appear in the panel, so I cannot even tell whether I am signed in or not.

    Is there a way to make the green tick icon appear in the top panel? How should I modify the proposed whitelisting command to work on Gnome classic?


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    Re: Skype icon has disappeared after updating to 11.10

    I can see the icon after I turn it on manually.

    Is there a way for it to load at startup?

    I did find it in my startup....
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    Re: Skype icon has disappeared after updating to 11.10

    these instructions are workign fine.. but i do not know how to "ad it to start up"

    I have made the file as per intsructions... but i can not even run it form the console... like when i do a ls -ls I can see ti and it is green... .

    But how do i add this to my startup items, maybe you cna only run it from there?

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    Re: Jynks

    Try '~/' to run the script from the command line. You need to type the full path to the script (or an abbreviation, like ~ which means home directory) unless said script is in a directory in the PATH, or the shell will not be able to find it.

    To add the script to startup, go to 'Gear->Startup Applications', click Add, Browse for the script (or just put '~/' as the Command,) give it a Name and optionally a Comment, hit Add, and make sure the new entry is enabled. Note: the Gear is the icon at the top right of your Unity environment, the same one you click before you Shut Down your computer.

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