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As far as I can tell, this isn't an option. You only have 6 places that you can set the "gravity" which is the four corners of your entire desktop (treat all 3 screens as one single entity), or the middle of the screen on the very left or very right.

I have 2 screens and wish that I could get it to appear at the top-right of my left screen but have never been able to accomplish this, so I just have them appear on the top-left instead of my left screen instead. This is definitely a feature I would be interested in though!
Agreed. Notify-OSD needs to be a little bit "smarter", i.e., if it could detect that the screen has an unusual aspect ratio (>2 perhaps?) or if it would use xrandr to figure out the number of screens and where the "primary" one is, and then if could readjust the position when there is a change during a session (laptop external monitor anyone?), that would be wonderful.

Definitely a major papercut. Multi-head configurations in Linux need more love and attention. I hope this becomes a major priority for the Wayland project, or it's just going to be a huge mess.