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Thread: Ubuntu natty on Toshiba NB505

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    Angry Ubuntu Natty on Toshiba NB505 -Messed up and unable to see desktop


    I installed -along with default Win7 starter- ubuntu netbook from pendrive. Wired internet access was OK. I had no wireless signal, and manual addition did not work (greyed "Apply" tag). I tried suggestions from this forum for wireless in the same netbook (sudo apt-get update / upgrade- to no avail (400+M of data but no wireless). Thus I got upgraded to Natty. When restarting I got the "It seems that you do not have the hardware required to run Unity" pop up. I went to the terminal with Alt-PrintScreen + RE followed by Alt-F2. I followed another thread and did: sudo apt-get update and then / dist-upgrade and it downloaded about 500M of scripts/data. I could not get to the desktop either. Then it asked whether to get do-release for Oneiric (671M) but at this point I did not want to proceed further. It seems that I have over 2 Gb of linux stuff in my netbook, should I get rid of everything and do a clean install? How should I do this? Thanks. V.
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