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Thread: Software problem or bad hard drive?

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    Software problem or bad hard drive?

    After upgrading Lucid to the official 2.6.28 backported kernel, I've noticed there seem to be more problems with not coming back up after suspend, and even occasionally giving black-screen-of-death with kernel crash, kswapd0 failed to page, or some similar error.

    Today I noticed the disk went read-only for no apparent reason, files wouldn't save, though the browser and other open programs seemed to work. I've had this happen several times, months or maybe a year ago, after reboot it says there are errors on the disk, press f to fix... and reboots back to normal.

    I'm wondering if this is a sign of hard drive failure (smart check says it's good though), or a problem with the Linux kernel, or some module such as Virtualbox?

    I rebooted into the original Mac OS and it gave an error too, "First Aid Failed", details show "Incorrect number of thread records", "Invalid volume file count", says it needs to be repaired.

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    Re: Software problem or bad hard drive?


    Anyone know of a good way to test the actual drive is good, vs just checking filesystem?

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