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Thread: Screen Saver for Ubuntu 11.10?

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    Screen Saver for Ubuntu 11.10?

    Hi, I just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 but I cannot find a "screen saver" feature which will allow random pictures to come upon my screen when the computer has been idle for a period of time (which I had on the previous version of Ubuntu). The only thing I was able to find was the feature which will turn off the monitor after a prescribed time.

    Is there a program/application I can download that will allow me to do this? I would prefer a program that will allow me to use a specific folder within the "Pictures" folder, rather than all pictures in the pictures folder.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Screen Saver for Ubuntu 11.10?

    Check this article, under the heading "No Screensaver in GNOME 3.2". A few terminal commands, and you get about 200 screensavers! I don't know if it has a setting for showing images from a certain folder, but maybe you'll find something else.


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