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Thread: 12.04 - HDD space gone. But, where?

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    12.04 - HDD space gone. But, where?

    I'm beating myself up over this one. I have a server that's running the desktop edition of Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. It's a box that basically sits on the LAN and handles a few different tasks. File/backup, Motion (video surveillance... hence for the desktop version to have a monitor hooked up for video feed so I can view feeds without losing a monitor on my desktop), Subsonic (music streaming), and several other things. The disk setup is like this:

    160GB = root (/)
    2x500GB = /media/NAS (RAID 1 via mdadm)

    File backups, Subsonic, and Motion save their feeds to various directories within /media/NAS. Nothing is stored on the root drive except for the OS of course as well as a few misc downloads in the admin's home directory, which amount to 19.2GB.

    What's strange is it reports my root drive as being 100% full, however there's only about 19GB within the user's home directory and the rest is the operating system. Disk Usage Analyzer reports nothing out of the ordinary, however it does suggest a huge magnitude of data in /media/NAS... but that's on a different drive/array... so I have no idea why that matters. It reports /media/NAS as 100% full, yet it's only 254GB in use and it's a 500GB array. *head explodes*

    Is there a command to run in terminal to get a full rundown of what data exists where? I know I can do ls -lh, but that only gives me the size of those folders. AKA, if I do ls -lh on my home directory on this desktop, it says 12K, however there's 850GB of data here. Is there any other command to do a FULL listing? Maybe I can track it that way.

    What also blows my mind... if I go to the root on Nautilus, select all folders, EXCLUDE "media", right click - properties... it comes back with the size as 140.8TB.

    Yes. TB.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: 12.04 - HDD space gone. But, where?

    I do not really know RAID.

    Some of the tools report the mounted partitions in the totals and others just each partition or drive.

    I do not know if these work with RAID or you have to only use RAID tools.

    sudo du -hc --max-depth=1

    Partition sizes
    df -Th | sort
    df -i
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    Re: 12.04 - HDD space gone. But, where?

    Hey there Fred. Thank you very much for your response. I just figured it out though. It turns out it was my ".xsession-errors" that filled up the space. I downloaded ncdu and ran it from terminal. It gave me a better breakdown that I was looking for which is where I realized that the issue resided there. Only question I have is how did this happen? I mean it's clearly a log file but nonetheless I want to learn more about it to avoid this from happening in the future. Would anybody have anything to add to that front?

    Anyway thanks a lot guys!


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